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                         Baba Musiano-Chennai,which has been in the Audio Production field for the past 8 years ,have released Thiruppugazh in a fusion form of Music,the very first of its kind.Eleven important verses are composed in an inspiring way combining Classical and Western Music.Shashti Kavasam-Fusion is under production.


                          Fusion is a form of blending our Traditional Carnatic Music with Western Music in an appropriate manner.Neither of the two should be over dominated.It's just like Remixing a old film song,which is very populer nowadays.Normally Carnatic Keerthanas will be accompanied by traditional instruments like Violin,Mirudhangam,Ghatam and Flute.It reaches only a few groups of people.Fusion will attract more rasigas  and it will be interesting to listen.In Fusion Music ,Western Instruments like Keyboard,Guitar,Saxophone and Drums will also find a part along with Keerthanas.Fusion Concerts are gaining huge popularity in Western countries and also in our country.Many Carnatic Musicians  like Vikku Vinayakram,Selva Ganesh,Mandolin Srinivasan and Kathri Gopalnath are now giving fusion concerts combining with  Musicians like Drums Sivamani,which is also inspiring younger generation of music lovers.Fusion gives a new flavour to our  Traditional Music.

                               Thiruppugazh ( "Glory to the Lord" or "Divine glory") is a 15th century anthology of Tamil religious songs dedicated to Murugan, the son of Shiva, written by the poet-saint Arunagirinathar. The anthology is considered one of the central works of mediaeval Tamil literature, both for its poetical and musical qualities, and for its religious, moral and philosophical content.Arunagirinathar was one of the first poet to set all his compositions to reverberating music in the style of "Santham".Music is divine.Music is the language of God. Thiruppugazh, which is a set of prayers, is addressed to the Lord in musical verses. This musical worship has brought devotees of Muruga nearer to their Lord.

                   Baba Musiano,have released Thiruppugazh in a fusion form of Music,the very first of its kind.Eleven important verses are composed and sung by Music Director Dhivyaraja Mazan in an unique manner combining classical and western music which is well appreciated and gained mass response in the market.Dhivyaraja Mazan is an experienced Musician and a trained singer who tries innovative things in his compositions.Hyms are composed in ragas Hamsadhvani,Kalyani,Revathi,Salanaattai,Gowrimanohari,Shanmugapriya,Madhyamaavathi and Hindholam which makes it purely divine and spiritual.
                     Songs combined in this cd are meant to fulfil the different aspirations of people. The song "Viral Maran Aindhu Malar Vali Sindha" is ideal for removing the marriage obstacle, "Agaramum Aagi" to attain a great lifestyle and "Irumalum Roga" for health. The song that will shower wealth and prosperity is "Charana Kamalalayathai Arai Nimisha". The "Ainkaranai Otha Manam" number gives a happy and harmonious life, and "Antarpathi Kudiyera" helps one to own a house."Sivama Dhudane" to get rid of poverty ,While the hymn "Ninaitha Theththanayil" helps to achieve any wish.The song "Thimira Udhadhi" to become beautiful and get rid of bodily flaws. The list goes on endlessly..As Muruga himself prompted Arunagirinathar to sing, it is believed that the words of Thiruppugazh were in fact the words of Muruga and every word therefore acquired a power of its own. In short,Thiruppugazh is a book of treasure from which a Karma Yogi also can draw lessons on Dharmic life.For CDs
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