Monday, July 23, 2012


MUSIC-An Universel language that pours lot of happiness to this world.Imagine a world without music..Very bad, even to think of it.In tribal communities like thodas,Irulars etc living in mountains & forests,they concentrate on food & shelter and when we notice,everyone have their own form of music.They sing together,dance & enjoy.So Music in this world has got that much importance.Here are some tips to become a great singer!

Practice for atleast 2 TO 3 HOURS daily(Minimum).Because practice alone bring perfection.
Practice in your comfortable Shruthi.
Drink lot of water in general and especially during your practice session as it will prevent throat dryness.
You should have Sruthi box or Tambura at home to practice.
Try to sink with the music notes as much as possible.
Open your mouth and practice in your chest voice.
Hear lot of music.Listen to all genres.
Practce with lot of concentration & sincerity.
Avoid talking too much as it will drain yor throat and affect your voice quality.
PRACTICE,PRACTICE & PRACTICE A LOT!Practice makes a man perfect


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